Time and space. They are infinite, but we only get so much of each. It’s up to us to make the most of them. Time is beyond our control. It passes. We can spend it in delightful places: on the beach, in a meadow, atop a mountain and even in our own homes. There, we can make what we like of space. We can create havens, hearths, and sanctuaries to hold our precious time.

The most enchanting spaces aren’t necessarily the biggest ones. A building doesn’t have to be a cathedral to elevate the spirit. Some of the most compelling poems are short. Some of the smallest spaces are the most poetic. We see space as a puzzle, and we like solutions that delight our clients time after time, as they follow our clues. Mirrors that hide inside walls. Colors that appear in winter light. Baths that hang like alpine pools.

We believe that space can make us happy. That it can keep us calm. That it can nourish and elevate the best days or our lives. We believe that space can create time by ‘housing’ moments that we remember, forever.

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For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh – Matthew (Mt.) 12:34

Boothill house

8000 SQFT Los Angeles

The epitome of Southern California living is in the ease of transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, exemplified here. This expansive single-family residence & pool house has a blend of community spaces and intimate corners. This dreamy ‘staycation’ hotspot is laden with amenities to relax body, mind, and soul.
A sauna, spa, and even an outdoor soaking tub in the garden, makes this experience unique, but the addition of the poolside hammam with radiant heated tiles, makes it one of a kind. With a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, water features, and outdoor shower, this refuge is sure to please.

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‘The spaces and places we inhabit can nourish our body, mind and soul through the rituals we create for ourselves and authentically practice.’ – FJR

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