‘For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.’


– Mt.12:34

She is the Divine feminine form, the giver of life. Passionate nurturer. The hawk is a bold raptor with sharp focus and intensity. Symbolically, they both exist on a similar plane.

At once they remind us of our own inner light and to lead from the heart. By staying focused on the light of the Spirit with a passionate aim for a higher ideal and a commitment to our highest vision.

This work is a collaboration between myself and world renowned street artist Faith47. Not only do we share the same name, but I became captivated by her work many years ago for its movement, authenticity and sheer magnitude of scale.

I wanted the piece to record the passage of time, as a reminder to stay present in the moment, as well as, incorporate symbolism of gratitude, love and trust.

At DFRAGD™, we believe every dwelling should not only be the envelope that shelters and protects you from the outside world, but it should also encompass elements that inspire you, nurture you and restore your soul.

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Wall painting
Girl painting on wall

‘Capturing the passing of time, reminds us to be present in each moment.’



Me, creating a detailed plan of the sun’s movement, recorded on the first day of each month at 12 noon. This composition, like an interior sundial or calendar, will connect the home and its inhabitants to the earth’s continual rotation. We become more closely in tune and aware of the earth’s turning, by witnessing the sun’s movement and subsequent shadows created across the vertical entry plane.

This piece combines the multiple art forms of nature, science, architecture and fine art painting.

Girl painting on wall
Painting on wall
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