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Creative endeavors involve numerous design elements.


From constructing an architectural form, to crafting a furniture piece, to composing just the right photograph, all contain factors that are inherent to the medium in use, while still others are particular to the type of project.


Rest assured that as the scale of a project increases, so does the number of these informational ‘bits.’


To defrag, or defragment, is to take those detached bits of information and create strategies that focus, integrate, and unify the final concept. Any project, independent of scale, will need to be looked at with the same discriminating eye; focusing not only on the practical and efficient essentials of the design, but also the innovative, the poetic, and more playful components inherent to unique works.


We are not limited in our creative consciousness and, boldly, it is our goal to help you cultivate and nurture yours.  


Specializing in built environments, but always looking for unique opportunities to stretch our creative boundaries, the essence of  DFRAGD™, goes beyond a singular locale or subject of thought.  


DFRAGD™ becomes a foundational way of life. It believes in a balance between work and play.  It knows that beautiful objects and spaces bring emotional joy to those that interact with and occupy them. It nurtures the relationships between earth, built-form and the people and animals that inhabit them.  It’s about a quality of life that appreciates and recognizes the importance of human connection on an intimate and global level.


Now… Consider yourself….DFRAGD™?

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sikis izle at 5:17 pm, November 14, 2020 - Reply

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