a photographic study of distortion and light

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In this collaboration of poetic intention and technical means, I seek to capture images that not only demand attention, but lure you in and compel you to pause.

As an active participant, I hope you wonder, question, marvel, motivate, stir, move, inspect, scrutinize and indulge yourself through full immersion in the work. With amplified perspective, mirror-like reflection and the inherent curvilinear effect to the fisheye lens, boundaries are softened, making a ‘hardscape’ more approachable.

I hope this becomes the threshold of another way of seeing and being in the world.

Let the journey begin…

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“…and so we are invited into the dark.

Enveloped in that heart of darkness that calls on all the senses to measure its limits, we are compelled to pause.”

—  Colin St. John Wilson

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
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